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About three years ago I fell in love with the color orange.  It’s such a fun coastal color.  Teal is also a favorite of mine.  They are such vibrant, happy colors.  When I got on the orange kick, I purchased some orange recycled plastic outdoor furniture and then decided to paint my front door with this new found love of mine.  It wasn’t as simple as I thought.  Do you know that Sherwin Williams alone has over 50 variations of the color orange?  I decided on a color called Tango.  It was such a cheerful color and I was so excited.   We had already hired a painter who was working on our home in Rockport, so I decided to have him paint the door as well.  He had his opinion of the appropriate “orange” color.  (Whose house is this anyway?!)  I quickly dismissed his suggestion and went forward with my own idea.  Of course, I thought it was fabulous.  As it turns out, colors mean a lot to people.  They attribute it to things they love.  My daughter, a graduate of UT, obviously loves orange, specifically burnt orange.   My sons like Whataburger orange.  My husband, who graduated from OU, was okay as long as it wasn’t “UT orange”.  Then comes a visit from his family.  They are big, BIG, I’m talking HUGE, OU fans.  Their first comment was it looked like OSU orange.  Trying to be neutral and not getting anywhere near UT, I claim it’s closer to Tennessee orange.  Linda’s husband is an Aggie.  Do I even need to tell you what he thinks of orange or any variation thereof?  Geez Louise, so many opinions on one little color.  How did this color turn into a representation of college sports? I tried my best to deny that orange related to any sports team UNTIL NOW.  We have the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION ASTROS!!!!  Everything orange from here on out, no matter what the shade or name, will be Astros Orange in our shop.  Now that’s a color everyone loves.  The best team, our Houston Astros!  No arguments there.  Loving my door all over again, now it just needs that star.

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Update on Rockport....the new normal, chaos

It’s been a while since I have blogged and I apologize for that.  I can’t seem to get my life stabilized.  Everyone is working so hard to return to normal.   It is hard to come to terms with the fact that it will never be the same “normal”.  There is a new “normal”.  It’s chaos now, but I am convinced Rockport will eventually be better than ever.   The love of this community, the love of the Texas coast, the love of your home, makes you persevere.  These challenges bring out the best in all of us.  We are Texans and that says it all.

According to the Mayor of Rockport, one-third of the town was destroyed.  He believes that 30-35% will probably never rebuild.  300 businesses out of 1,300 have re-opened.  The Coast Guard has removed 50 sunken vessels from the harbors.  Debris remains in front of most residences.  Fifty-three percent of the debris has been removed, totaling 1.3 million cubic yards that have been placed in the median of Highway 35.  The area has been dubbed Mount TX DOT.

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My sons and I went to Port Aransas (Port A) to walk the beaches in search of driftwood.  For those of you who have vacationed and visited Port A, you will feel the sadness when I tell you that it has suffered as much as Rockport and much of the beach side town has been destroyed.

Both Rockport and Port A are working day and night to get their respective communities up and ready for visitors.  There is a lot of destruction, but the beauty of the Gulf Coast still remains.   Fishing is better than ever.  Those that live along the coast are aware of the possibility of a destructive hurricane and are willing to take the risk in exchange for the lifestyle.  Buildings are gone but the reasons for visiting or living in Rockport remain.  The sunrises, sunsets, the ocean waves, salt air, beaches, birds and fish, these things are what draws us to the coast.  I wake up every morning, in my chaos filled home, and walk out and watch the sunrise in awe. I am reminded the important things in life are not the things, but the people we share it with.  Together, we can re-build and recover.

Bay Inspired Living is making waves

Speaking of recovery.  Our building has made huge progress!  Thanks to our builder, Tidewater Properties, we have been able to get things rockin' and rollin'.  Check it out.


The views are still as amazing as ever!


Our temporary sign was put into place.

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Okay, I had to do this….here is a picture of Linda and I back just a few years ago at college.  Love the 80’s hair.  We haven’t changed a bit…..don’t laugh, I bet you were just as cute in the 80’s.  Granted some of you may have not even been born yet.

We are really excited to be focusing on re-building and putting together the inventory for this beautiful new home of Bay Inspired Living.  I’m sorry I can’t be more specific on what exactly we have ordered.  I don’t want to give away any of our trade secrets until we are closer to opening.   We have set into motion the delivery of so much exciting inventory.  It’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s hip, and you’re going to love it.  Stay tuned….

 Be Inspired,