Is Chaos the status Quo?

“Ever since I met you, my life has been in constant chaos”.  These are not my words reflecting on my relationship with Harvey.  Oh no, my husband uttered those words to me when I was lamenting life in its current state here in Rockport.  He didn’t say it to be mean or hurtful, just plain spoken and honest, like he is.  I’ve been called a lot of things, but not chaos.  My normal response to a comment like that is to immediately comeback with a cutting remark from my “sharp tongue”, but not this time.  I think I’m maturing ;).  I reflected on his statement a moment and then, I had to agree with him and we laughed about it.  Of course, he clarified his comment by saying that it is usually positive chaos, but chaos none-the-less.  Okay, so I have to admit some, but not all chaos I bring upon myself.  For example, when Linda and I decided to start a business in Rockport, pandemonium ensued.  We lived in Tomball.  My husband was still working in downtown Houston and Rockport was our vacation/retirement home.  We had not planned to move there until he retired, which is a several years away.  So, change of plans - we put the house in Tomball up for sale, moved some of the furnishings and personal items to a townhouse near downtown Houston and the remainder to Rockport.  All this happened in just a few months and only a short time before hurricane Harvey hit.  Granted, I had nothing to do with the hurricane, but I did move to Rockport just in time to greet Harvey.  So maybe chaos does follow me, but I like to think of it as an adventure.

Since the hurricane, we have tempered our excitement about our new business because of the turmoil here in Rockport.  We are trying to be sensitive to the heart-breaking losses of others.  Recently a neighbor asked about the progress of our building and I gave her a brief update.  She said something that stunned me; “watching your new building coming up gives us hope”.  Hope, what a powerful word for this town.  Time and again comments are made about how inspiring our new building is.  Inspiring!  That has always been our goal. 

The sunrise over Redfish Bay reminds us of one of the many reasons we are drawn to this special place.

Sunrise 2.png
Sunrise over Redfish BAy.png
sunrise 5.png

A rainbow spanning the entire town of Rockport.  A sign of hope and a new beginning.  


Harvey, like a bad relationship, is in our rearview mirror.  The people of Rockport and the surrounding communities, are putting the pieces back together with determination to be better than ever.  Progress is slow and painful at times.  Our home is still under repair.  Here is my office/war room.  Formerly known as the dining room.


War Room.jpg

This is not chaos.  I like to think of it as a unique working environment.

Bay Inspired Living’s headquarters are looking good.  Air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, roof and insulation are under way.


The new fence is in place


Luxury patio furniture MADE IN THE USA has arrived!

Plans for the outdoor space are in the works.  Linda and I have received our first order of American made, high quality and elegant outdoor furniture.  The first to arrive was Telescope Casual which is out of Granville, New York.  Telescope has been in business since 1903.  Their furniture is made from powder coated aluminum with marine grade polymer accents.  Proven durability for the harsh coastal environment.


Delivery 2.jpg

It was exhausting and exciting to open the boxes and see the beautiful pieces we ordered.

Next up is Lloyed Flanders.  Manufactured in Menominee, Michigan.  They have furnished some of the Coastal Living Idea Houses as well as fine hotels and historical places with their stunning all-weather wicker furniture.

To provide a wide selection, we will carry the highly popular recycled plastic furniture from Malibu Outdoor Living.  It’s beautiful, durable and helps the environment, what’s not to love?

If you live outdoors, why not make it as luxurious as your indoor space.  You will never want to leave!

Almost all of our orders for indoor and outdoor furniture have been placed and shipments are arriving weekly.  It has been so exciting to open these boxes and unwrap the beautiful products we have chosen.  I want them all for my home!  I promise we will post pictures as soon as we can get them out and displayed in the manner they deserve.

We continue to re-purpose estate finds and search for unique homemade, local items.  We are striving to purchase as much as possible from local artisans, Texas’ artisans and home furnishings made in America.  It’s not always possible, but we will try to make it a priority.

If construction continues to go as planned, we will have our grand opening Memorial Day weekend.  That’s not official yet, but we will keep you posted.  We are so excited about the home furnishings, décor and gifts we have purchased and we can’t wait to show them everyone!  We know you will love it as much as we do.

In the meantime, chaos here, has to return to Tomball to meet a contractor about a pipe that busted during the freeze….

 Be Inspired,