We met as pot luck roommates at college in Canyon, Texas.   Both of us were required to complete a personality profile as part of our college housing application.  Which today is  probably like a dating website questionnaire.  We were skeptical that they would even read the thing, but it worked, because we were very compatible roommates and became life long friends.  Our lives moved in different directions; however, we kept in touch through the years and we each eventually bought a vacation home in Rockport, Texas.  It was while trying to furnish our homes in Rockport we discovered the lack of unique home furnishings that fit our lifestyle and reflected the feeling we had each and every time we walked into our home.  We were looking for furniture that evoked that sense of relaxation, vacation, paradise, our getaway.   We were certain other homeowners felt the same way.  It was then that we decided this charming little town needed something that we could provide, a sophisticated yet casual and unique home furnishings showroom.

Bay Inspired Living was created.